LqP Clean & Renewable Energy Programs

Welcome to the Lac qui Parle EDA clean energy initiatives!  Solar, biomass, and wind are plentiful sources of clean energy in Minnesota, and these programs are here to help rural farmers and small businesses owners get projects done!    There are many great programs in clean and renewable energy for our farmers and businesses owners to finance building improvements and projects.  We are very excited to share these programs with our community!

Looking for affordable financing with long-term capital by upgrading your commercial property to clean & renewable energy?   If Yes, then the PACE programs are right for your business!

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE is financing that allows property owners to finance clean energy projects to their buildings. The financing is affordable and provides long-term capital

  • A new way to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades to buildings of commercial owners.
  • Provides low-cost, long-term financing.

For More info please visit MinnPace

Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERT): offers custom tools and project assistance to those interested in pursuing renewable energy projects.

  • What they offer:
  • Find projects that could work for your farm or business
  • Identify potential funding and financing options
  • Get one-on-one assistance on your project.
  • Please contact Pete Linstrom with CERT’s for more inform at plindstr@umn.edu or (612)625-9634

Two PACE Programs Available in Minnesota:

MinnPACE, a division Saint Paul Port Authority:  Is the largest provider of financing in the state of Minnesota. Apply here: MinnPace

Rural Minnesota Energy Board:  – Available to entities in the Rural Minnesota counties. Questions? Please contact RMEB Pace Program Administrator:  Robin Weis (507)836-1638

Clean & Renewable Energy Programs

  • Rural Energy for America Program Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Programs (REAP): Provides guaranteed grant funding and loan financing to agricultural producers and rural small businesses to install or purchase renewable energy systems or make energy efficiency improvements.
  • Who may apply:

Small businesses and agricultural producers with at least 50% of gross income coming from agricultural operations,

Small businesses in edible rural areas.

*Must have no outstanding delinquent federal taxes, debt, judgment or debarment.

  • What are the grant terms?
  • Get Started by Contacting the Minnesota Department of Agriculture office:
  • Brad Finstad, State Director
    375 Jackson Street
    Suite 410
    St. Paul, MN  55101-1853
    Voice: (651) 602-7800
    Fax: (651) 602-7824

Renewable Energy System Grants:

  • $2,500 minimum
  • $500,000 maximum

Energy Efficiency Grants:

  • $1,500 minimum
  • $250,000 maximum
  • How may the funds be used?
    Funds may be used for renewable energy systems, such as:
  • Biomass (for example: biodiesel and ethanol, anaerobic digesters, and solid fuels)
  • Geothermal for electric generation or direct use
  • Hydropower below 30 megawatts
  • Hydrogen
  • Small and large wind generation
  • Small and large solar generation
  • Ocean (tidal, current, thermal) generation

Funds may also be used for the purchase, installation and construction of energy efficiency improvements, such as:

  • High efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Insulation
  • Lighting
  • Cooling or refrigeration units
  • Doors and windows
  • Electric, solar or gravity pumps for sprinkler pivots
  • Switching from a diesel to electric irrigation motor
  • Replacement of energy-inefficient equipment

For more info on applying for the REAP Programs Click Here!