About LqP County

Lac qui Parle is located in Southwest Minnesota on South Dakota border. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 778 square miles, of which 765 square miles is land and 13 square miles is water. It’s a beautiful area known for lakes, duck hunting and incredible seasons. (Learn more about Lac qui Parle County. )

Lqp County Demographics

The 2009 population of LqP is 7,110. That’s an 11 percent decline from the 2000 census. There are 3,785 households with a homeownership rate of 90 percent. The median household income (2008) is $43,335. (Get more demographic info on Lac qui Parle.)

LqP County Business Statistics

In 2007, there were 219 nonfarm businesses in LqP, employing almost 1800 people. There were 550 micro-businesses or self-employed people in the county. The retail sales per capita (2002) is $6,029. (Get more business statistics on Lac qui Parle.)