About PJ Ellison

PJ has been with the Lac qui Parle County EDA since November of 2013. In February 2015, she became in the interim Director and a year later; a year later the decision was made to make that a permanent change.

She comes with a bachelor’s degree in organizational studies and business management from Bethel University in Arden Hills, Minn. Additionally, she has completed the basic economic development course offered at UMD, in Duluth, this past summer. She is also a member of the Community Development Society.

PJ has a varied and comprehensive background in many business sectors, having worked in many prominent large corporations both as a contractor and an employee as well as in small businesses. Being an entrepreneur in her own right, having run a home childcare business, a promotional company and a home based therapeutic oil business of her own; she has covered the gamut in many business sectors. PJ’s career began in the health care field as a file clerk in a teaching hospital and continued through various levels and moving to supervisory and management roles within the health care industry.

She has worked for Group Health Plan, Share Health Plan, Medica, and served as a project manager for Allina Heath Care to oversee their first NCQA accreditation process for the Medica product.  With experience in government and politics, she served in the Ventura Administration as the executive assistant for Lieutenant Governor Mae Schunk. She then departed the Governor’s Office to work with former State Senator George Pillsbury and former State Senator Gene Merriam as the director of field education for the Single House Legislature initiative.