Prosperity’s Front Door: How Homes Build Strong Communities

A new statewide initiative – Prosperity’s Front Door: How Homes Build Strong Communities – is engaging Minnesotans in discussing housing challenges, opportunities and solutions.

The simple fact is this: If Minnesota is to continue to grow and create opportunities for all families, the demand for homes for all incomes must be addressed.

Prosperity’s Front Door is finding bipartisan support for the common sense solutions identified by the Minnesota Housing Task Force, which include everything from cutting red tape to innovation to increasing resources. The St. Cloud Times said it perfectly in an Oct. 19 editorial after our discussion with business and community leaders:

“Affordable housing is good for families and kids, and some might see it as a moral societal obligation, as well. But it’s good business, too, say backers of the task force’s approach being promoted in a series of community meetings around the state…Redefining ‘affordable housing’ to address availability across the market’s price range is a near-revolutionary addition to the discussion. Calling on the business community to stand up to its stakeholder role in housing issues as a primary tactic — not in the back seat to moral issues — is novel. But it makes perfect sense. Lack of affordable housing hinders employers who are trying to relocate here or fill vacant jobs, from entry level to management.”