Social Media: What’s trending? A Minnesota perspective

Minnesota Business recently interviewed a number of young entrepreneurs who focus on social media. It’s interesting to learn from their experience

From Luke Riordan, founder and CEO of DAYTA

What’s new in the social media marketing industry? What’s trending?
Video advertising is very trendy and exciting right now. If you’re on Facebook, for example, the videos play automatically when you scroll by them on your feed. They are very inexpensive for companies to make and run, and have worked wonders for clients.

From Tena Pettis, owner and founder of tena.cious

What about the future of social media keeps you up at night?
In the short term, staying on top of an ever-changing industry and finding ways to simplify processes takes up a lot of time. Oftentimes clients want to jump on board with a new social media outlet as soon as it comes out, but that isn’t often the best way. Long term, the fact that one day these social media tools may just not exist is a daunting thought. There may be a day when Facebook isn’t around anymore, and planning for that is tricky, because you really can’t predict those things.

From Martha McCarthy co-founder and CEO of The Social Lights

MNBIZ: What’s new in social media these days?
MCCARTHY: There’s been a lot of change even since we started The Social Lights. Ad targeting capabilities are getting really interesting right now. This technology allows companies to collect and refine data to be informed about who their customers are. There are also cool new ways of blending the physical and digital using geo-locating technology, which has all kinds of uses for brands and companies.