Questions, Questions May 2007 EDGAR

Since taking on this exciting endeavor with the EDA, the question of the day seems to be “How do you like your new job?” This question is followed very quickly by “What do you do at your job?” My usual response to the first query is “It’s Great!”; the second is not quite so easy. After meeting with directors from many other EDA’s throughout the region the only short answer I have at this point is “Learn, Learn, Learn”. The extended answer is still a work in progress.

What I see at this point in the process is a need to get information out to the communities that we are here and willing to help in any way possible. As a central point for information and questions, we can direct you onto someone who is the best “expert” in our area to help with each situation. The best thing is, many of these services are free!

A major task for me is to spread the word that the EDA is available to assist existing business owners, prospective business owners and entrepreneurs; as well as work with local communities on housing, education and other related civic endeavors.

To start with I am working hard to get out to “meet the people” of our county. I have met with all of the city councils to give them an opportunity to hear what our initial plans include and ask them what they see as needs for their individual communities. As we get to know one another, it will be much easier to work together on future projects that will benefit Lac qui Parle County.

As an equal opportunity facilitator, I will be working hard to bring all of the communities in our county the services they need. I feel strongly that any expansion or addition to our business climate will benefit EVERYONE. Adding just one job could bring one average family to our county: with two adults, two vehicles, two children, a dog, a cat and more. That one family will need housing, products, services, education, recreation and healthcare. That family will bring new visitors, ideas, skills and new faces. What a difference one family could make to the success of existing business and to the economy of Lac qui Parle County!