Why advertise online?

Why should I want a banner ad?

  • Free advertisement!
  • Will create more exposure for your business for FREE!
  • Will be a reference for tourist and people interested in relocating and joining our community.

Why should I want a Facebook page?

  • Increase exposure for new and existing customers for FREE!
  • Starting  your Facebook business page cost you $0.  And did I tell you it’s FREE!
  • It links your page to web and mobile apps to locate your business through GPS services.
  • Your facebook page can be elaborate to basic; You decide.
  • There are 1.9 billion users worldwide and capture the interest of would-be clients internationally.

If I have a website already, why do I need a banner service?

  • Its FREE and additional way for people to find your business or organization.
  • It is a way for those who may be thinking of relocating to our area, to see all of the organizations, businesses, churches and school districts and what they offer in our County
  • The LIVE link we provide to your business website or Social Media page will quickly get clients and other searchers a good understanding of your business and what it provides
  • Another free marketing presence online for the world to see – And did I tell you it’s FREE!


Why we need your email address?

  • To communicate EDA updates.
  • Your email address is strictly confidential and will only be used by Lac qui Parle  EDA.
  • Sometimes there is breaking news about free educational webinars, meetings or classes that you can be part of to help you making your business better.
  • We can get the word out to many businesses at once through our website E-Lerts.