Women’s Contracting – Training and Opportunities Workshop

Tuesday, August 15, 2017, St. Paul College, St. Paul, Minn.
Registration 8:00 – 9:00 — Sessions: 9:00 – 12:30
Networking with Agencies and Primes to learn how to successfully navigate the federal contracting industry and win federal contracts by knowing the rules and understanding the strategies.

Free event; seating is limited — Registration required

Information is Power!

With this knowledge, you are much better positioned to grow your business and increase your revenue.

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Looking for quiet living in Minnesota? Riverview Estates in Dawson

Riverview Estates is the newest housing development in Dawson. Be part of this exciting new addition.  There are 8 Exciting patio homes and townhomes to be built in beautiful Dawson, Minnesota.  Modern, open floor plans and exteriors.  Several options available to customize.  For more information, please contact: Lee Gunderson, Ken Club, or the Dawson city office.

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Looking for commerical land in Madison MN? Municipal Castings Building

Municipal Castings Building

The building is located at 415 Hwy 40 and is in the process of being rehabbed.  The building has one space that has been finished to the specifications of the current lessee.  The owner of the building would like to do the same with the other spaces in the building. Entire building available for long term lease, in part or in whole.

  • 3 phase electrical service possible
  • 29- 32ft ceilings
  • Adjacent to rail service
  • Former Foundry so ideal for metal fabrication or heavy industrial work

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Meet Antonio S. Franklin – the EDA Summer Intern for 2017

The Lac qui Parle County EDA is please to introduce our new Summer Intern for 2017.  Antonio S. Franklin, comes to us from the University of Minnesota Morris Campus and will be working on a special project to provide free advertising to all of our businesses , service organizations, churches, school districts, and Health Care Centers and Clinics.  If you have a home based business and would like to get in on the project please click Antonio’s email intern@lqpeda.com and let him know.  We are providing revolving FREE Banner Advertising with a photo of your business and would like to get everyone involved possible.

Please check out the Free Banner Advertisement Contact Form and complete fully.

Any questions about the program should be directed to intern@lqpeda.com

How can you marry your Marketing Plan to your Business Plan?

The parents of Marketing Strategy and Strategic Plan
Announce the marriage of their children
Marketing Plan to Business Plan.
We want to share the joy this brings to both families.

Are all sides of your business working like a family? Maybe it’s time for you to make a connection – to change or expand your marketing plan to suit your overall goals and yearly work plan for your business annually.

Consider signing up your business right here on our website to attend these nuptials. The Lac qui Parle County EDA is pleased to offer all businesses, organizations, churches and school districts a free banner ad on their website.

All you need to do is fill out our online form and hit “Send”. We will set up a banner add that will play in queue 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We hope this will inspire you to consider other ways of marketing your business in other ways.

Stay tuned to our breaking news in July, where the topic of the month will be using your social media and webpage to receive the maximum impact for your business, organization, church or School district.

CALLING ALL HOME BUSINESSES….. – You too are invited to the Marriage of Marketing Plan and Business Plan.

Sometimes it is difficult for our organization to connect with all of the home based businesses that may be out there.
Whether you see clients or customers at your home or focus on events where you can set up shop, having a free banner ad about what you do and how you wish to be contacted by potential new customers or clients, may help you see a boost in your business.

Rules for better business communication…

The US SBA (Small Business Administration) recently posted an article that outlines 6 unwritten rules related to business etiquette

Three for email:

  1. Use professional salutations.
  2. Limit exclamation points, abbreviations and emoticons.
  3. Double-check the subject line and the email recipient.

Three for face to face communication:

  1. Come prepared with talking points.
  2. Silence all electronic devices.
  3. Arrive early.

Read the article for more details.