Frozen Farm Forum – Hemp Survey Results

Do you remember that very cold day last winter when we gathered to talk about hemp? The 2018 Frozen Farm Forum? We were delighted to have more than 80 people brave the elements to join us.

We wanted to share the results of the our feedback survey:

How did you hear about the conference?
Radio 6
Social Media 3
Newspaper 13
Word of Mouth 13
Did you find the speakers relevant/ informative?
Less than Desirable 2
As Expected 14
Better than Expected 15
Consistently Better 1
Was there enough time to ask questions?
Less than Desirable 0
As Expected 11
More than Expected 18
Consistently Better 3
Overall Conference Experience…..
Less than Desirable 1
As Expected 10
Better than Expected 18
Consistently Better 3
Satisfaction of facility and meals?
Less than Expected 0
As Expected 10
More than Expected 15
Consistently More 7


And some comments:

– Very good and informative on something I am new to. Would come again if I have the chance.

– Shorten the lunch break so we can keep it moving.

– Facility was too drafty.

– Thank you for putting this together.

– Real time information on dollars involved in end products after processing… potential

– Make a Facebook post (group)

– Very informative… excellent presenters.

– Well done! Great presentations/ speakers.