Madison Area ministerium collecting food for backpacks for kids

We wanted to share this invitation from Pastor Spickelmier…

Back in 1995 a school nurse in Little Rock, Arkansas contacted the local food bank seeking help for children in her school who were suffering from hunger. She had seen for herself how food scarcity apart from cafeteria lunches was affecting their physical health, classroom behavior and ability to learn. In response to her concerns, the food shelf started the Food for Kids program, providing hungry students in that school with groceries for the weekend in non-descript backpacks. Since 1995, thousands of such backpack food programs have been launched in the United States.  The Madison Area ministerium (a monthly gathering of our area’s pastors) is interested in seeing this program begun in our community as well.

Roughly 40-45% of our school age children in Madison (K through 12) qualify for the federal free and reduced lunch program.  While the students have access to breakfast and lunch at school (and a summertime food program as well) there is no current help for them over the weekend or over Christmas and Spring Break.  This is where the backpack program would come in.

An informational meeting for anyone who might be interested in being involved in this program is going to be held Tuesday, June 26 at 7pm at the Madison Nursing Home chapel.  The goal is to have the program up and running by this coming school year.

Needs will include:  funds to purchase the food, purchasers, packers, people to deliver the food to the schools, and people to sit on a what will be a newly created “backpack program board”.

We encourage anyone interested in this program to attend the upcoming meeting.  Contact Pastor Eric if you have questions.