Child Care for Economic Growth – policies at the MN Legislature

The Greater Minnesota Partnership and Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities recently posted a fact sheet on the Child Care Conundrum. The outline proposals this legislative session to address this problem…

  • Funding for Initiative Foundations to help expand access to quality childcare HF 2424 (Gunther)/SF 2090 (Nelson) provides $1.5 million for grants awarded to Initiative Foundations for the planning, coordination, training and education necessary to expand child care access. This proposal is based on a successful pilot program initiated by the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation which helped child care providers with business improvement planning and quality mentoring with an aim toward the goal of becoming rated under Minnesota’s Parent Aware Quality Rating System.
  • Bonding & general fund appropriation for child care facilities HF 4032 (Gunther)/SF 3578 (Eken) provides $5 million in bonding and $5 million from the general fund to provide grants to local governments and non-profits in Greater Minnesota to cover up to 50% of the costs to build, upgrade or expand child care facilities to increase capacity and meet state requirements.
  • Grants to increase child care availability HF 3605 (Baker)/SF 3316 (Utke) allocates $519,000 to the Minnesota Child Care Grant Program, which aims to increase the supply of child care providers to support economic development. In 2017, this program received $519,000 in funding which created more than 300 new child care slots.