Minnesota is going to keep the Super Bowl Buzz going

Bloomberg reports…

Super Bowl LII is slated to be many things: the coldest ever played (projected to be 2° F); the most expensive (according to StubHub reports putting tickets at an average of $6,598 compared, to last year’s rate of $4,068); and—at an estimated 1.35 billion prepared—a record-setting day of chicken wing consumption.

What the game won’t be is the closing of the spotlight on host city Minneapolis. The metropolis has established itself as one of the country’s best places to live, whether you’re an entrepreneur or a foodie. The Bold North, a program spearheaded by Eric Dayton, son of governor Mark Dayton, is an effort to brand the city with its own regional identity by pushing branded beer and stylish hats as a way to help get the message across.

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