Call House and Senate Leaders to Preserve Private Activity Bonds Now!

We received the following from Council of Development Finance Agencies and wanted to share it. Rural areas will be harder hit due to sparsity in population issues and these areas are just to easy to cut in favor of sending more money to the metro areas.

Following yesterday’s Ways & Means markup session, several Republican members of the Ways & Means Committee approached Chairman Brady with concerns about eliminating Private Activity Bonds. CDFA has learned that industry-wide efforts to preserve PABs have led to a flood of calls being made to the offices of Republican leadership, and these calls are making a difference

To keep the pressure on, CDFA asks that you call the office of Rep. Erik Paulsen and let him know how important Private Activity Bonds are to the development finance industry. Offices are currently keeping tallies of the number of calls focused on Private Activity Bonds, so be sure to keep your message simple, and specifically request that they strike the provision eliminating Private Activity Bonds.

Erik Paulsen (R-MN)
127 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
F: 202-225-6351

Once you have called your respective office, please use the sample letter template provided in the link below, and fax it to your representative. I only ask that you include your organization’s letterhead, at the top of the page.

>>>View Sample Letter

Thank you in advance for your help.