Learn about the Hemp Revolution

For all of you that stopped at the County EDA Booth at the County Fair to find out about the Industrial Hemp Study for farmers.  In an effort to get out some quick sources of information, I found this great documentary that is a quick primer on Hemp.  This will assist you to understand the history of the growing of this crop in our history, its ban in the 1930’s and why it is having a resurgence of interest now in the 21st Century.

So what was old is new again.  This is a great piece that will give a lot of good information about the Hope of Industrial Hemp and what we can accomplish with a sustainable plant that is versatile and had many market platforms.  Don’t forget it is a plant source that provides all of the amino acids a human needs.  This same plant makes a more robust paper product than traditional wood pulp paper as well as makes breathable wall panels for building purposes and Hempcrete blocks that are better than concrete because it breathes and will not cause mold to form.

We are getting excited about Industrial Hemp and Clean Energy.  Both of these topics will be covered at our upcoming conference in January of 2018.  Two full days of great information about Industrial Hemp and Solar and wind energy opportunities for Farms and Commercial Businesses.

Stay tuned for more information.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the Hemp Documentary!  Exciting stuff folks and hopeful possibilities!

VIEWING NOTE: For those of you that would rather not view the lengthy section on the film about Marijuana, please know that you can end the counter of the film at 39.54 and move forward by sliding the horizontal slide all the way to 56.34 and watch the rest.  There are other mentions of Marijuana to the end of the film but this is a compendium of all Hemp.

I hope this will not deter you from watching in order to know the difference between the two plants and the historic information that has caused Industrial Hemp to be suppressed from growing since the 1930s.  The film in its entirety is still more tame than most of the movies that are being cranked out by Hollywood, however I wanted to make the slider counter information available so you can choose to move forward rather than viewing what you would rather not.