Brewery saves the Nebraskan town!

Have you seen a great article about economic development elsewhere that you would like to share with our readers?  This came in from someone in Dawson that shared this story with us…

At Scratchtown Brewery in Ord, Nebraska, locals drink to newfound success of once-dying town | The Better Half |

You have an image fixed in your head of a small-town Nebraska bar, an image of three weather-beaten old boys in seed caps perched on bar stools, silently sipping Busch Lights as the dusty old jukebox wheezes a dusty old country song.

Works just fine, so far as stereotypes go, right up until the moment you enter Ord’s Scratchtown Brewery on an unseasonably warm Thursday evening.

The indoor taproom and outdoor patio are packed with 30-something professionals — the sort of people who do not exist in the stereotype. They sit elbow to elbow with the City Council president, a mailman, a trucker and a couple of farmers and hoist a variety of Scratchtown’s own beers: double IPAs, imperial porters and dopplebocks. There is no dusty jukebox here. There is no Busch Light.

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