Celebrating the Computer Commuter through 2016

computer commuterThe EDA Board and Mary Quick both agree December 31, 2016 will be the last day for the LqP Computer Commuter. Our innovative program is in its 6th year of operation and continues to offer free services at 6 different sites in Lac qui Parle County. We have the funding to finish 2016 and realize we probably won’t win new grant money to carry us into 2017.

Through partnerships, collaborations, and generous grants and donations, the Computer Commuter program has meant access to computers, internet and help for our County residents.

In the past, we offered:

  • Classes for businesses to develop an online presence
  • Free access to Ancestry.com
  • Local retail discounts for learning technology skills
  • A county-wide delivery system for both public libraries

Computer Commuter users are faithful supporters, earnest learners and advocates of equal access to technology. It has been fun and highly rewarding to be a part of this unique program that other regions wish they could emulate.

Mary Quick