A heads up for Frontier customers in Lac qui Parle County interested in changing providers

Farmers and LqP County have partnered to bring  FTTP
(Fiber-to-the-Premise) technology to local residents and businesses but some locals have run into issues with extricating themselves from their current Internet providers. To help those people, Farmers Mutual has sent the following information to homes around Lac qui Parle County.


Attention Frontier Customers:frontier

A one-time bill insert will be sent to all Frontier customers with “Digital Phone” voice service term agreements. This also includes “Digital Phone” voice service bundled with High Speed Internet service (“HSI”). It will provide supplemental information  to customers regarding details of their term agreement.

The content of this bill insert will:

  • Inform customers that Frontier records show that they are under a term agreement.
  • State the time period of their term agreement on their monthly bill.
  • Clarify that an early termination fee will apply if they exit the agreement prior to the expiration date unless they opt out of the term as described below.
  • Clarify that their term agreement may have an auto-renewal clause which will renew the agreement upon expiration and explain how to cancel an auto-renewal clause.

If customers do not understand or do not agree with the conditions of their term agreements, they should Call Frontier.

Customers will have four options, none of which will incur an Early Termination Fee (ETF):   

  1. Terminate existing term agreement and move to a month-to-month service;

  2. Switch to a different service with Frontier;

  3. Terminate all service with Frontier; or

  4. Switch service to another carrier. Customers receiving Digital Phone service bundled with HSI will have the option of also switching or terminating HIS without incurring an ETF.