What will $25/hour buy in Rural America?

The Huffington post recentluy ran article that details what a $25 per hour job can mean in a rural area. Here are some of the details from the story:

  • In Two Rivers, Wisconsin, home of our corporate headquarters, you can find a 3-bedroom, 1,200 square-foot home for around $85,000. The national average for first time buyers in 2010 was $184,091 for a 1,500 square foot house.
  • Next, let’s hit the grocery store and compare prices. We won’t get anything fancy, just a few staples: A pound of ground beef, a gallon of whole milk, loaf of white bread, a dozen eggs, a pound of baking potatoes … wait – you want that 12-oz box of Cheerios®, too? If you’re in Los Angeles, you’ll have to make some tough decisions, because that will put you over your $25.00 budget by almost $1.00. But if you live here in Wisconsin, relax: You can plan on spending anywhere from six to 19 percent less on these food items, with similar differences for our Ohio and Kentucky workers. And, when compared to Chicago, we still come out ahead.
  • If you live in Wisconsin, Kentucky or Ohio, your $25 will net you about 7.5 gallons of gas, or about one-half to one gallon more than in Chicago or Los Angeles – and you may have to drive outside those cities to get that.
  • A person making $50,000 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, would have to double that to achieve the same living standard in Brooklyn, New York.