Computer Commuter update as of October 17, 2010

After the launch August 25, the Computer Commuter has visited several organizations, such as The LqP Valley School district, Madison and Dawson Chambers of Commerce, Madison Kiwanis, LqP County Fair, Dawson-Boyd School district, Madison Pampered Stroll and Johnson Memorial Auxiliary.

We began our regular schedule to the communities on October 4. For the first week, we had 31 people come on board. The second week, we had 29 people.

Those who use the computers appreciate the computers appreciate the community has traveled to their community; they are excited and share a sense of camaraderie in learning together.

Some activities being accomplished on the computers are organizing, editing and saving photographs and documents onto USB flash drives, and basic keyboarding skills.

Using the internet, patrons applied for jobs online, accessed information about genealogy, medical/health benefits, and veteran affairs. Other activities involved using email, searching e-bay and practicing junior high technology homework.

-Mary Quick, LqP Computer Commuter Coordinator