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Lac qui Parle County EDA will be  offering a free advertisement to have your business or organization listed on the front page of the EDA website.   This will include a picture of your business along with contact info. If you want the banner advertisement linked to your website or Facebook page, provide that information in the contact form.   Even if your business does not have a storefront, we would still like your logo and name listed on our website.  You can either provide a  picture of your business/logo, or we can come out and take a picture for the EDA website.

Please give us a call once the contact form has been filled out, and we will pick them up from your location.    Please provide the contact information for your business below.

If you have any questions, give our our office a call at (320) 598-7976. (Learn more about why you’d want to advertise online!)

Do you have a photo of your business? Please send to email below.  Need a photo? We will take a photo for you, send and email below or call our office at: 320-598-7976.

**Email as attachment to  Also, please let us know if you would be interested in completing a survey, so EDA can better service  businesses and organizations.