Nov 26

Celebrating Minnesota Congressman Andrew Volstead – author of the National Prohibition Act

Sometimes it’s just fun to celebrate a local historical celebrity – such as Congressman Andrew Volstead. Hailing from Granite Falls, he is best known for the Volstead Act, also known as Prohibition. MinnPost recently ran a story on Volstead

Minnesota Congressman Andrew Volstead, as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, was responsible for writing the National Prohibition Act, a law that became known as the Volstead Act. The stern-faced congressman from Granite Falls set out to moderate the strict philosophy of the amendment’s primary promoting group, the Anti-Saloon League. They and other unwavering prohibitionists had sought to prevent even one drop of alcohol from being sold.

Volstead struck a balanced approach between the spirit of the law and practical realities. His legislation continued the existing prescription of alcohol for medicinal purposes. It also allowed the brewing and sale of “near beer” with an alcoholic content of no more than one half of one percent, and the home manufacture of alcoholic, but “non-intoxicating,” fruit juice and cider. Volstead said that he put in as much alcohol as the Congress would stand for.

Prohibition as enforced by the Volstead Act transformed American streets, businesses, and social life. In Minnesota the streetscape had changed seven months earlier when the state legislature voted for full compliance with the War Prohibition Act that went into effect on July 1, 1919. In Little Falls, the town’s fourteen saloons closed overnight, with some of the dealers now selling soft drinks. In the Twin Cities, the Salvation Army turned some closed beer parlors into canteens for the entertainment of returned soldiers and sailors.

Nov 23

A Secession of Gophers

We are all invited to Blurnose Gopher Brewery in Granite Falls  A Secession of Gophers on Thursday December 17 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm as they

 unveil the architectural plans, sample some of our beer and share our plans going forward!

Nov 19

The Women of MobCon talk about trends in mobile tech industry

Minnesota Business Magazine spoke with five women who are speaking at MobCon this week. Here’s a quick look at some of what they shared:

From Karla Lemmon
What are upcoming trends in the mobile technology industry?
I’m not a good futurist, but a few things come to mind: wearables, continued advancement in the connected home, mobile integration to personal vehicles, and continued changes in shopping, particularly the in-store experience, via mobile.

From Amy Ludwig
What are upcoming trends in the mobile technology industry?
Key developments in the mobile arena include multichannel technology, “power apps”, near-field communication and beacon and wearable technologies. These trends are not only dominating the mobile industry but the managed travel discussions we’re having too. Travelers are not only better equipped but better connected and able to take advantage of constantly evolving mobile travel services.

From Hannah Meium
What are upcoming trends in the mobile technology industry?
Visual storytelling on mobile platforms is a space we’re watching very closely at Mashable. I think that places like Snapchat and Instagram are amazing platforms that are changing how people consume content and how brands can reach influential audiences.

From Katie Pennel
What are upcoming trends in the mobile technology industry?
From an SEO content marketer’s perspective, mobile is still new territory. Google continues to try to determine what makes quality mobile content, and we’ve seen that trial and error in fluctuating mobile rankings. In the next year or two we’ll see Google settle into definitive ranking factors for mobile content, much like they’ve done with desktop content.

Nov 16

Medical Marijuana: A possible top crop for LqP?

We thought this might be of interest to local farmers – based on information from Minnesota Business Magazine

Last year, Minnesota joined the 23 other states that have legalized medical cannabis.  Legalization has generated new business opportunities for the producers and distributors of medical cannabis, health care providers, and the companies that serve them.  Further relaxation of Minnesota’s prohibition on marijuana is likely.  As the laws criminalizing marijuana are relaxed, further business opportunities will emerge.  The experience of businesses in Colorado, Washington and other states on the leading edge of legalization confirms that marijuana is a lucrative industry.  For example, legal sales of medical and recreational marijuana in Colorado topped $700 million in 2014.  Nationwide, the amount is estimated at nearly $3 billion.

The federal government isn’t as on board with medical marijuana yet as the article outlines, but they also predict changes in the future…

The nationwide trend is clearly moving in the direction of further legalization of medical and recreational marijuana.  The federal government has been slow to adapt to this trend, but in the past year has finally begun to see the writing on the wall and change its policies accordingly.  The resulting change in federal law and regulation has been positive for business owners seeking to take advantage of the new opportunities posed by the nascent medical marijuana industry.

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