May 08

LqP more food for thought: Wind wins contracts

Just wanted to share more news from around the state to help inspire us in LqP. Again, we have plenty of wind and ingenuity. One of our businesses could be next. We’ve just got to think big…

SheerWind Inc., a Chaska, Minn., based developer of wind-power systems, has signed a licensing agreement that will allow its technology to be marketed and deployed in Denmark.

The agreement will enable wind-power developer E-Venturi to introduce SheerWind’s INVELOX wind delivery system to potential customers in Denmark. The first pilot project is expected to be built in Denmark before the end of the year.

The INVELOX technology is a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to conventional wind technology. The system uses no above-ground propellers. Instead, it employs a funnel-driven system that captures the wind and brings it to ground-level power turbines and rotors for safer, easier and cheaper operation and maintenance.
The technology is safe for humans and wildlife, requires less maintenance than conventional wind systems, and produces more electricity per dollar invested than conventional systems.

E-Venturi, based in Slagelse, Denmark, will be the first company to market SheerWind’s technology in Europe.

May 08

How do you start a social media campaign?

Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) publishes regular article that help businesses get a handle on a wide range of business topics. Including social media and marketing. They recently posted an great article on how to Zero in on Your Social Media Audience. We loved their three questions…

At their heart, all successful social media strategies begin with three basic questions:

  1. Who is my audience?
  2. What do I want (or need) to say to them?
  3. What is the best tool or tools to reach them?

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May 08

Celebrating a generous donation from the Dawson Community Foundation

computer commuterWe wanted to share the fun news from the Computer Commuter and to thank the Dawson Community Foundation

LqP Computer Commuter’s Mary Quick accepted a generous donation from Dave Pederson of the Dawson Community Foundation to help maintain the services of the LqP Computer Commuter in their 5th year.  Quick said they continue to travel to six communities each week, have partnered with 4 local businesses in the “Learn and Earn” program where residents earn retail discounts by learning computer skills, and partnered with the Dawson and Madison Public Libraries in extending their outreach program to nearby communities.  Quick appreciates the generous award from the Dawson Community Foundation and the support from the county residents.

May 07

LqP think of the possibilities with our Investment in broadband for local business

Just wanted to share news from around the state – gives us inspiration to do more in LqP. We already have the broadband! The following is a snippet from the Bemidji Pioneer

Like many wholesale retailers, our success is largely due to broadband service. But unlike other businesses, when leaders from major corporations came from all over the world ask to be a partner, we had to hesitate in saying “yes”.

Over the years, we’ve had to painfully decline business partnerships because of Ada’s broadband limitations. I was on an island in the digital world, which limited my company’s ability to keep growing.

Last year, my husband and I were heavily courted by North Dakota to relocate our business to where high-speed broadband service was guaranteed. We wanted to stay in our town, but also knew that without high-speed internet service our company would not survive.

Not long after, our community received the attention of a local phone company recognized the need to move forward installing fiber so that our businesses and residents can prosper here.

If we had not received the commitment for higher broadband speed, we would not have achieved our dream goals.

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