Oct 30

Five tips to caputure the attention of your customer

Hey! Hey you! I’m the right choice for you. Buy from me. Buy more.

Don’t you wish you could communicate with your customers so clearly? It might not be that easy but with five tips shared by Inc. Magazine, it might not be that tough either…

Make it personal.

Let photos speak for you.

Encourage participation on social media channels.

Keep it simple.

Seems pretty easy. Seems like something you could try!


Oct 28

Business Spotlight: Jubilee Foods in Madison MN

Check out Jubilee Foods in Madison for your grocery needs:
208 7th Ave
Madison, MN 56256


Oct 27

Business or Building for Sale in Dawson MN

building supplies


Family owned lumber yard for two generations. 

Great highway frontage in Dawson MN. 

Serious inquiries only.  

Contact eda@lqpco.com or 320-598-7976

Oct 25

10 Mistakes that Can Cause your Business to Fail

Business owners spend a lot of time thinking about success. Sometimes a good step in that direction is just thinking about what not to do. VentureBeat recently ran a great list of mistakes to avoid…

  1. It’s the technology, stupid.
  2. Make the CEO a rock star.
  3. Spend early and big on branding.
  4. Give the UX director power over the brand.
  5. Let your people choose their own job titles.
  6. Print T-shirts to mark product milestones instead of customer milestones.
  7. Go virtual from the start (flex time over face time).
  8. Revise your value proposition early and often.
  9. Leadership, not management, is the key to success.
  10. Let your Board of Directors be very hands-on.

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