Oct 23

Let technology make administrative tasks easier and faster

Most entrepreneurs go into business to follow their passion. Most entrepreneurs must endure administrative tasks to help that passion flourish. Few entrepreneurs would call administrate tasks their passion. So while it’s difficult to schedule the time to look at how technology can help you spend less time on admin tasks – it’s usually pays off quickly both in time saved and headaches reduced.

TechRadarPro recently ran an article with a bunch of tech tips to help you consider how you can save time and reduce efforts doing the stuff you might not love and have more time for you passion. Here’s just one idea…

Simplify back-end processes and streamline communication

Consider using websites such as Torpio or Zapier to automate tedious dual data entry. Using application programming interface (API) technology, employees and business owners can automate data retrieval and modification, freeing up valuable time for more important activities, such as brainstorming the next product upgrade or business expansion plan.

It’s clear that email is at the core of small businesses’ customer interactions, and many people have multiple inboxes, making it even more of a challenge to keep all those messages straight. Since we’re constantly using infinite combinations of phone, fax, text messages and video conferencing to stay in touch, bringing all of these methods into one streamlined communication plan will ensure clear messages are received by all and turned directly into workflows.

By combining all of their communications into one central location, teams can better communicate and share information, allowing for faster access to important details across the company.



Oct 22

Become an Effective and Values-Driven Manager

A good opportunity for the right person…

Get on the path to leadership with the value-driven curriculum of the online M.S. in Management at The Catholic University of America. The 100% online, application-based curriculum covers all of the main functional areas of management.

Choose from four specializations:

  • Leadership – Classes cover leadership concepts, ethics, organizational assessment and change, and current trends and practices
  • Organization Development – Combine human resources, organizational behavior and leadership to become a “change agent”
  • Human Resource Management – Learn about labor-management relations, compensation and benefits, training and development, and other functional areas of HR
  • Federal Acquisition and Contract Management – Coursework explains legal issues, source selection, pricing, and the requirements and procedures for effectively managing government contracts

Mention Smartbrief to have your application fee waived if you apply by November 1, 2014.

Oct 21

Business Spotlight: Odden & Zimbelman TV & Appliances

Looking for an appliance or TV; check out Odden & Zimbelman TV & Appliances at:

219 6th Ave
Madison MN 56256

Oct 17

Fight the Flu! Walk-in Flu Vaccine Clinic in Dawson MN Oct 18-20

Flu season is just around the corner and as a doctor, I know first hand that even healthy people can get the flu and it can be serious. That’s why QwikLife has partnered with Dawson Drug & Gifts to host a Flu Vaccine Clinic this weekend. I got my flu shot and I hope you can join me in pledging to keep Dawson healthy by getting yours.   No appointment is needed, but click here now to reserve your vaccine.  Don’t wait - protect yourself and those around you by getting a flu shot this weekend at Dawson Drug & Gifts.   


Fight the Flu! Walk-in Flu Vaccine Clinic 


  • Saturday, October 18th 9:00AM to 1:00PM
  • Sunday, October 19th 1:00PM to 3:00PM 
  • Monday, October 20th 1:00PM to 5:00PM


Dawson Drug & Gifts
812 6th Street
Dawson, MN  56232

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