Jul 29

Perfecting Your Selling Skills Seminar Aug 6

Perfecting Your Selling Skills – Wednesday, August 6th 8am-4pm

The evolution in today’s selling process of products and services in a highly competitive marketplace has created the need for careful integration of the selling approach throughout the entire organization; this requires strong interpersonal skills on the part of the salesperson and every member of the management team. In today’s successful organization – everyone sells.

The successful salesperson of today must work in concert with others on a daily basis using effective interpersonal skills in order to have a fruitful career in their chosen discipline. In order to strengthen these mandatory skills, much of this seminar will center on effective persuasion techniques using an under- standing of social styles and how they differ from individual to individual. Each participant will have the opportunity to work in a four-person team to develop an effective sales presentation using the skills developed during the seminar day.

How to Register

Deadline for Preregistration: August 4, 2014

Questions? Contact: Mike Rich, Facilitator Michael.Rich@smsu.edu 507.537.7241

Jul 28

Tips for sending emails that get read

Entrepreneur Magazine recently offered 13 tips for better email. Check out the original article for the details but here’s the quick take…

    1. Plan your email delivery frequency, but make sure you’re consistent, both in what you deliver and how often you send it.
    2. Offer content that is interesting, fresh and relevant.
    3. Avoid spammy subject lines.
    4. Send the email from you–your name–not an impersonal or vague email address.
    5. Keep the subject line short and sweet.
    6. The better you can communicate your story in just a few words, the more likely your email will be opened.
    7. Ask short questions, create a sense of urgency, be outrageous, and make people wonder.
    8. Write one-to-one.
    9. Send emails when you think your receiver will open them or see them.
    10. Don’t overload your emails with lots of corporate-speak or tech talk.
    11. Keep email messages positive.
    12. Don’t over-communicate.
  • Use words that are emotional or are sensory.

Jul 25

Leanring for successful women entrepreneurs

Fast Company recently ran an article on Jenn Aubert’s new book, Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch! “ She spoke to many successful women id different fields, at different ages and stages. But there were some similarities…

In her research, Aubert discovered a common theme among the women she interviewed: they aren’t motivated by the “typical trifecta” of money, power, and status. Rather, they’re motivated by “the need and desire for freedom, to call their own shots, explore what excites them without having to ask for permission, [and] explore their creative side in a way that feels authentic,” Aubert says. While women want to provide for their families, they also want to give back and positively impact the lives of those in their communities, she notes.

Aubert’s research also revealed the importance of role models. “From a personal development standpoint, [they’re] so invaluable for a person’s development,” she says. It’s not about trying to emulate one person or mimic what they’re doing, she says. Instead, one can observe lots of different people and try on different qualities and traits to see what resonates with them. “There are such amazing women doing remarkable things in every industry all over the world,” Aubert notes. “You can learn from them.”

Jul 24

How to create a successful startup…

Do you have a good idea for a business? Did you know that the University of Minnesota can help get that idea off the ground? The U of M recently outlined some of the services (and successes) they provide to local businesses…

Since 2006, the University of Minnesota has created 67 startup companies and of those, only 18 percent are no longer in business. Compared to the national average, that’s pretty low. (Research out of the Harvard Business School says about 75 percent of all startups will fail.) And yet, universities provide a unique environment that may contribute to a greater likelihood of startup success. Here are three key ingredients that help to create startup companies with long-term viability.

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