Dec 18

Got a good business idea? Eight tips for gauging “good”

You think you have a good idea for your business, but you’re not quite sure. Before you go all in, BPlans has eight great ways to help validate your idea…

  1. Start by documenting your key assumptions about your business
  2. Talk to your potential customers
  3. Show your prospective customers a prototype of your product, if you have one 
  4. Figure our what people are willing to pay
  5. Find people who think your idea sucks
  6. Find out how much money it is going to take to launch your business
  7. Start as small as possible
  8. Stay flexible

Dec 17

SBA 504 Rates Effective Dec 17, 2014

Good news in time for the holidays…

  • 4.78% for 20 year effective rate
  • 2.75% for 20 year note rate

Call us with any questions!

Dec 17

How to keep your website fresh. Try these 6 great ideas

Search engines like websites with fresh content. They rank them higher. Visitors like fresh content too. Search Engine Land recently ran an article about what kind of content works best for looking fresh on a website – or as they put it what content looks “Evergreen.” Here are some of their tips…

  1. Case Studies. Case studies seem pretty un-evergreen, but they’re actually awesome. The term “case study” is an excellent search modifier for long-tail queries that get tons of traffic.
  2. Definitions & Explanations. These are some of the most valuable sources of evergreen content for both readers and search engines. Have you noticed how Google pulls the most relevant answers for Knowledge Graph results on queries like this?
  3. How-To Articles. The Internet has more how-to articles than anyone can count. That’s okay because Google still loves them and so do readers.
  4. Reports. Like a case study, a report is a form of content that lives on long after its original publishing date. Many times, reports deal with a single year or timeframe.
  5. Tips. Who doesn’t love tips? Give the tip article a try, and you’ll see traffic from it last a long time.
  6. Non-Tech Articles Dealing With Behavior, Attitudes Or Other Personal Characteristics. If you’re in a techy niche (like I am), it can seem hard to create evergreen content.

Dec 16

Business Spotlight: Dawson Subway

A great place for lunch or dinner – and they have Wi-Fi:

422 Oak St
Dawson MN 56232

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