Welcome to Lac qui Parle County

lqP MapThe mission of the Lac qui Parle County Economic Development Authority is to be the catalyst for economic growth, job creation, and improving the quality of life in Lac qui Parle County.

We are here to:

  • Help local businesses
  • Introduce the rest of the world to LqP
  • Support young entrepreneurs

We have a few ongoing programs:

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Deadline to apply for MN Cup is Friday (5/6)

Our friends at Junior Acheivement have a good reminder…

Deadline to apply for MN Cup is Friday (5/6)

There’s still time to apply to submit your business idea or plan to the MN Cup! Gain access to valuable resources and networking opportunities with MN Cup partners, mentors and entrepreneurs. More than $400,000 in prize money available, including $10,000 for the winner of the new Youth Division.

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The Finale: MBK “Biz My Way” Millennial Entrepreneurs Video Series Live Tonight!

This event is tonight – but you can view from your computer…

The Finale: MBK “Biz My Way” Millennial Entrepreneurs Video Series Live
6:00 pm – 8:30 pm ET

Live from the Soundstage at the Historic Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY

White House Cabinet Secretary Broderick Johnson and SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet, along with host Mike Muse will bring together millennials for the finale of the MBK Millennial Entrepreneurs Video Series at the historic Apollo Theater in New York. This event will be the culmination of the six-video series and incorporate video clips, as well as Q&A segments with the video interviewees:

  • Ty Hunter – Stylist to Beyonce; Clothing Line “With Passion”
  • Jason Mowatt – Creator of Trap Karaoke; Former Investor & Partner of Trillectro 
  • Lance Rios – Founder & CEO of “Being Latino”
  • Reggie Miller – Co-Founder & CEO of “Iced Media” 
  • Chef Max Hardy – Private Chef, Owner of “Chef Max Miami Catering Company”; Author
  • “Hollywood Hino” Ehikhamenor – Trainer to the stars (Carmelo Anthony, Kelly Rowland, etc.); Owner “TeamHino Entertainment”

Watch the event live at www.sba.gov/nsbw and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #DreamSmallBiz

Social entrepreneurship – doing well at doing good: Jacquie Berglund

Everyone says follow your passion. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how you could make that work so we wanted to share a story to help inspire you…

Jacquie Berglund is The Rambunctious Social Entrepreneur, CEO and Co- Founder of FINNEGANS, the first beer company in the world to donate 100% of profits to fund fresh produce for those in need. Through the creation of both FINNEGANS Inc. and its nonprofit counterpart, FINNEGANS Community Fund, Berglund has championed an innovative, market- based approach to addressing and raising awareness about food security in communities across the Midwest.

Berglund graduated from Augsburg College with a degree in communications and political science and has a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the American Graduate School in Paris, France. Berglund has pursued her entrepreneurial spirit to make the world a better place, from being an important role in bringing together government officials through the OECD to train Baltic countries in market economy laws, to Marketing Director at the successful Cara Pubs where the spark for FINNEGANS began. (Read more)

Free Webinar May 5: Tips for Getting Your Business Financially Fit

Tips for Getting Your Business Financially Fit

Thursday, May 5 • 2:00 p.m. 

Understanding the fiscal condition of your business is critical when managing daily duties, planning for the long term and making consequential decisions. But that means more than simply knowing what’s in your bank account. Join Intuit QuickBooks in this interactive webinar, where you’ll learn practical, actionable tips for improving the financial fitness of your small business.


Experiential learning builds strong leaders

As students look at gradution in the horizon, it can be helpful to learn a few lessons from folks who have spent a lifetime figuring out how to be better leaders. According to Kay Phillips (ATEK Companies) in the Minnesota Business Magazine, openness to learning and take on a challenge no matter how big or small will help…

Kay’s biggest leadership lessons have come from “taking on pretty much any crappy job someone would give me,” she says with a laugh. “I learned so many things by doing that, and often took on jobs and did things I didn’t have the skill set for. I had to figure things out pretty quickly.” Kay admits while she did sometimes fail, the failure always resulted in learning. “When something doesn’t go well you have to reflect so you’re better the next time around. You start to notice warning signs and ask yourself what you could have done differently,” says Kay. “There were always signs — learning from failure means getting better at seeing those warning signs and changing plans quickly.”

Kay also emphasizes resiliency and the ability to recover from failure. “It’s okay to not be successful as long as you worked hard, did your best and improved as a result. There are great things in life and tough things in life and you’ve got to be able to pick yourself back up no matter what. I believe we’re in business to create value. This means taking risks and being willing to try things and take failure when it happens,” says Kay. One of ATEK’s principles encompasses this perfectly: “Take risks, fail often, don’t bet the farm and get going.”

Free Webinar May 4: Access to Capital and Business Loans: Best Practices

Access to Capital and Business Loans: Best Practices 

Wednesday, May 4 • 3:00 p.m.

Cash is the lifeblood of any business yet access to capital, managing business finances, and navigating sources of finance are some of the most challenging areas for business owners and can make or break any enterprise. Sam’s Club has teamed up with Small Business Majority’s Rhea Aguinaldo to help entrepreneurs and small business owners bring finance into focus for long term success. Participants will learn background on the small business loan market and providers as well as how to identify the right type of financial product for the business need.


Celebrating a 1:1 power production-consumption ratio

Minnesota Business Magazine recently highlighted the utility-changing work of Power Over Time…

That’s due in large part to scrappy upstarts such as Minneapolis-based Power Over Time. Power Over Time designs and manufactures “grid-interactive demand response” solutions that help utilities control and manage power loads to energy-intensive systems and appliances, such as water heaters. Its equipment, each unit of which has seven times the processing power of the original Xbox, uses real-time and historical inputs from individual consumers and the grid itself to smooth out the demand curve and get utilities closer to the “100% power factor” — a 1:1 power production-consumption ratio.

Utilities have “chased” the 100% power factor for decades, says Power Over Time CEO Eric LeBow, using clunky, minimally interactive technologies made by multinationals such as Cleveland, Ohio-based Eaton Corporation. Less than two years after its founding, Power Over Time is giving those firms a run for their money. Eventually, its demand response technologies could eliminate the need to build peak-load power plants altogether — doing away with that seldom-used freeway lane.