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lqP MapThe mission of the Lac qui Parle County Economic Development Authority is to be the catalyst for economic growth, job creation, and improving the quality of life in Lac qui Parle County.

We are here to:

  • Help local businesses
  • Introduce the rest of the world to LqP
  • Support young entrepreneurs

We have a few ongoing programs:

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Walkability is all the buzz and getting the attention of the walkers in the difference between open and closed

Have you ever thought about what brings you into a new store? What keeps you away from other shops? Peter Bruce has. He’s like a mall or Main Street guru. As he walks his path he assesses what’s working for local commerce and what isn’t. And the Franchise Times reports…

Combining foot traffic counts with an eye on successful retail and city design, Bruce’s daily work is admittedly wonkish, but an afternoon spent walking around with him in the trendy Uptown shopping district of Minneapolis illustrated the small differences that separate successful stores or shopping centers from those preparing for their final sale.

“I call it the absence of intrigue,” Bruce said. “You have to tell the shopper from across the street why they should walk to your side of the street.”

Our foot-based tour began by checking out the scene inside a smaller-scale, enclosed shopping mall in one of the hottest retail districts in the city. It was lunchtime during the week, and things were eerily quiet aside from a custodian, security guard and a few isolated shoppers walking the hallways between the potpourri of local and chain stores.

Scanning each corridor, he pointed out the good and the bad, with a focus on a lack of signage that subconsciously tells the brain there’s nothing to see. As he explained, I realized we’re all mice in a maze, and need the periodic scrap of cheese to keep us pushing onward

“You only walk to something your eyes tell you is there,” he added. “Sometimes you can have faith there’s something around the corner because you’ve seen a map, but when you’re out shopping casually you’re not thinking about what’s around the corner unless you’ve already been there. A new visitor to a shopping area really has to be led with signage.”

May 26 Webinar: SCORE introduces the virtual conference with Eric Qulaman

Looks like a different – but fun event…

Power Up Your Small Business – May 26

Take a break, have fun and learn all at the same time. SCORE has partnered with Verisign to bring you our first virtual conference. Explore our virtual world, similar to playing a video game, and click around on “booths” where you’ll be able to watch videos and take part in conversations and network.

Topics during this exciting event will include:
• New and relevant business ideas
• Using social media to propel your business
• Creating a business plan, regardless of the business cycle you are in
• Working on a website that’s right for your business
• Decision making
• Book Keeping

Plus, so much more! Erik Qualman will be the keynote speaker. Erick has been called a digital Dale Carnegie. He is the author of Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business. Socialnomics made Amazon’s #1 Best Selling List for the US, Japan, UK, Canada, Portugal, Italy, China, Korea and Germany. His new book Digital Leader helped him to be voted the 2nd “Most Likeable Author in the World”.

When: May 26
Time: 12 pm – 5 pm EDT / 9 am – 2 pm PDT

Swift County Commissioner speaks for the Appleton Option

Swift County Commissioner Gary Hendrickx has had Letters to the Editor in several regional newspapers (such as the Morris Sun Tribune) imploring legislators to reconsider the Appleton Option…

Some organizations – primarily from the Twin Cities – have attempted to dissuade legislators from considering a state lease or purchase of the Prairie Correctional Facility, known as the “Appleton Option.” They’ve unfortunately based their opposition on misinterpretations of the facts and scare tactics. With less than a month left in the 2016 legislative session, I ask each and every resident of our region to contact their senator and representative, as well as Governor Dayton, and urge them to support the Appleton Option. Remind them that our state prisons are severely overcrowded and that hundreds of inmates are currently being improperly housed in county jails.

The truth is that a state lease or purchase of the Prairie Correctional Facility is the right option for a number of reasons. It would have a positive impact on our region’s struggling economy. It would ensure that the facility is fully operated by the Minnesota Department of Corrections with state employees, just like every other prison in our state. Perhaps most importantly, it would provide a long-term solution to Minnesota’s prison overcrowding crisis and ensure that all inmates have access to programming that reduces the likelihood that they will commit additional crimes when they are released.

Because of our community’s strong support, we have moved the Appleton Option to the forefront of the discussion in St. Paul. It is crucial that all state legislators understand what our proposal is and what it isn’t. It is not an attempt to reopen a private prison. It is an option to provide quality jobs, humane treatment for inmates, and flexible options to address prison overcrowding and our state’s aging prison infrastructure. Working together, the region has made great strides to make the Appleton Option a reality. Let’s finish what we started and get the facility open once again. To learn more about the Appleton Option visit AppletonOption.ORG. Thank you.

A nod to the 30 leaders recognized by the Southwest Initiative Foundation

To celebrate their 30 years of service, the Southwest Initiative Foundation (SWIF) has recognized 30 leaders in the region. Throughout the year they will be showcasing these local leaders, today we want to give a special nod to our own leader from Lac qui Parle County…

Cynthia Huse, Madison: Founding volunteer chair of the Madison Community Foundation, community leader and advocate.

Upcoming Small Business Training Opportunities in Minnesota

We wanted to share the following opportunities. Many are free!) Get more info on any of the sessions – or register – on the SBA (Small Business Administration) Minnesota website

May 17 – Start Up Boot Camp
This workshop covers the concept of starting With the end In mind and is hosted by St. Cloud University.

May 17 – Business Consultations
Hosted by SCORE, counselors will provide free business consultations in Minneapolis.

May 18 – Going Into Business Workshop
Hosted by SCORE in Savage, this workshop covers the basics of going into business.

May 19 – Protecting your IP
Senator Al Franken and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are hosting a free seminar for startups in Minneapolis.

June 23 – Small Business Expo
The expo in Minneapolis will feature a tradeshow, networking opportunities and workshops designed to help small businesses get connected to the help they need to succeed.